Swiss Federal Institute of Technology proves Al, Ba, Ti and other metals in the Jet Fuel

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8 Responses

  1. Pupi Badoo says:

    It’s a cloud forming swoooosh

  2. Peter Mitch says:

    Chemtrails Watch, did you notice that the article never states the levels that were found?
    If you’re interested I can quote those levels off the top of my head.

  3. What a bucket of shite!
    Stop the IMF owned American Airforce spraying the world

  4. Carol Ferree says:

    Peter Mitch Not only that, can some one help with readings from my water company…….as the post parts of our river is not safe to swim in. Do chemtrails contain bacteria that can poison the water…..

  5. Carol Ferree says:

    I’m surrounded by 18 death towers

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