Scientists Declare Fear Of Global Warming is FAKE NEWS — Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

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  1. Adal Salazar says:

    The Mayans have it down pat. Every 5,000 years their is a major climactic/ global extinction event. The one we are living in that started in 2012. This new period takes 50 years from start to completion. Humans had little to do with this in the past. However, our carbon footprint is accelerating the process. The Chem trails and the HAARP project along with many other experiments look to curtail these events however this is SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. THE SAME THING HAPPENS EVERY 5,000 YEAR. THERE WAS NEVER A COMET THAT KILLED THE DINOSAURS… It’s simply the cycle of life here on Earth. Live your lives as these maybe the last days of your lives. I’d say we have another 44 years left!

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