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“It’s Worse Than We Thought” — New Study Finds That Earth is Warming Far Faster Than Expected

ocean heat mapImage Above: (Upper ocean heat anomaly map for 2002 through 2011 shows extreme global heating of the upper ocean during the past decade. Image source: Quantifying Underestimates of Long-Term Upper Ocean Warming.) Source: Robert Scribbler 2 Degrees Celsius. That’s the ‘safe limit’ for human warming now recommended by the IPCC. But under current human greenhouse


Global warming’s effect on oceans is greater than realized, researchers say

ocean warmingEffect of climate change on upper-ocean temperatures has been underestimated by 24 to 58 percent, a study by NASA and Livermore Laboratory concludes. Source: Christian Science Monitor The world’s upper oceans may have stored far more heat from the warming climate than previously thought, according to a new study that purports to provide the first


Volunteers for Planetary Climate Action (VPCA) – October 8, 2014

arctic death spiralVolunteers for Planetary Climate Action (VPCA) +  Resolving the Atmospheric Emergency  + October 8, 2014    Dear Friends and Colleagues,      Please see directly below.      I don’t trust Alex Jones enough to accept this without more evidence–but certainly let’s all watch carefully the day-to-day developments of Ebola in the US so we


Psychopaths In Power

jack, the shiningWe are all living in a world gone mad, how did it get so bad? Who is steering the ship? Why are those in power doing what they are doing? Don’t they know they are going to go down on the ship with the rest of us if the insanity continues much longer? From climate


Human Handprint Marks Australia’s Hottest Year

Australia Heat MapSource: Truth Dig LONDON—Scientists are fond of saying that it is difficult to pin the blame for any one climate event onto climate change. But they have just made an exception by reporting that many things that happened in Australia in 2013 bore the signature of man-made climate change. In that one year, Australia recorded

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