Swiss Federal Institute of Technology proves Al, Ba, Ti and other metals in the Jet Fuel


The Swiss Federal Offices for the Environment FOEN and of Civil Aviation FOCA has classified the increase of contrails from aircraft as not worrying so far, like all agencies worldwide. It is stated in official replies to concerned citizens, that the contrails are made of water vapor, ice and soot particles and in the range of normal and natural in relation to humidity and pressure conditions. Now, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich has launched a study of the exhaust of aircrafts. The results are disturbing and are confirming, what millions of concerned people have supposed for years.


The Institute has found a total of 16 metals1 in the jet fuel and jet exhaust of three different jets. These metals can pose a health risk if inhaled. Aluminium, for example, is suspected to be in favour of enhancing Alzheimer disease. Aluminium could penetrate the blood brain barrier and cause damage to the brain, as well as trigger neurological diseases2. Airplane exhaust also affects our climate: “Soot particles, formed by incomplete combustion of hydrocarbon fuels, affect the global radiation budget directly due to their strong light absorbing nature and indirectly by interacting with clouds as cloud condensation nuclei and ice nucleating particles, consequently altering climate.” 3


Caused by air traffic, contrails spreading to cirrus clouds, discolor the sky increasingly whitish and have a greater impact on the climate than previously accepted, says Charles Long of the Earth System Research Institute of NOAA. He even said that the artificial clouds caused by air traffic is already a form of unintentional geoengineering 4. Geoengineering is referred to as the deliberate modification of the climate. The question is, how something unintentional can be deliberately done.

Fact is, that the US and the British governments have begun as early as 2009 to discuss and elaborate guidelines for the use of geoingeneering 5. The most likely and cheapest method using geoengineering to combat climate change is currently to spread aerosols into the atmosphere. For this purpose, sulfate or, according to David Keith, aluminium, barium and titanium could be added to the jet fuel to deliver the chemicals over large areas. Another method is to emit the chemicals from tanks through the jet exhaust flow of the aircraft into the atmosphere.


Since 10 years or more, people around the world believe, that such climate experiments are already taking place. Meteo, Greenpeace, authorities and the media have denied such allegations and have refused to get closer to the subject. However, the results of the measurements of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich are making clear, that there is an urgent need for action.


Considering that there are 37.5 million of aircrafts in the air annualy (according ATAG Air Transport Action Group, 2014), we should find out the impact of the emissions of these pollutants on our ecosystem. We should consider also, that with the rain, these substances end up in our foodchain and are taken up by organisms. For the protection of the climate and to benefit our health and the environment, we should now make arrangements to banish this metal pollution from our airspace and finally regulate aircraft exhaust pollution.


Matthias Hancke, Swiss producer and publisher of the award-winning film “Overcast” has dedicated years in the phenomenon of artificial clouds produced by jet planes and has outlined his research in his film, including the interview with Professor Ulrike Lohmann of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology about the study 6.



1 V ff. a.o.




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  1. Pupi Badoo says:

    It’s a cloud forming swoooosh

  2. Peter Mitch says:

    Chemtrails Watch, did you notice that the article never states the levels that were found?
    If you’re interested I can quote those levels off the top of my head.

  3. What a bucket of shite!
    Stop the IMF owned American Airforce spraying the world

  4. Carol Ferree says:

    Peter Mitch Not only that, can some one help with readings from my water company…….as the post parts of our river is not safe to swim in. Do chemtrails contain bacteria that can poison the water…..

  5. Carol Ferree says:

    I’m surrounded by 18 death towers

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