Document revealing the contents of Jet A-1 Fuel

This is a document showing clearly what the contents of the Jet A-1 fuel is, this is the evidence that there actually is heavy metals in the Jet fuel used by all all turboprop and turbojet aircrafts.
Screenshot at 06-52-07
“A petroleum distillate blended from kerosene fractions and used in civil aviation. Jet A-1, the operational fuel for all turboprop and turbojet aircraft requiring a low freezing point product, is similar to Jet A except for a lower freezing point.”

View the full document here: Jet_A-Jet_A-1


Containing Heavy metals such as:
– Barium
– Chromium
– Copper
– Iron
– Lead
– Magnesium
– Molybdenum
– Nickel
– Titanium
– Vanadium
– Zinc

In addition Sulfur, which they propose to use in Geoengineering.

Have a look at what David Keith says regarding Geoengineering here:

If you do not believe that the trails from planes contains chemicals, and that the Geoengineering agenda is currently ongoing, here is the evidence, in black and white!

Also, when searching for MSDS Number 142-012, this is what shows up in the results:

Screenshot at 07-35-38

For additional fuel specifications refer to ASTM D1655.

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17 Responses

  1. If I ever meet David Keith. ………

  2. You know what ppm means, right? No? No wonder…

  3. Cecy Zavala says:

    Gui Coutelin, Oliverio Frances Meyer, Robert Woodin, Efrain Orantes Abadia de Marin, Lourdes Chávez, Dani Valle, Lucino Radilla Gómez Radilla Gómez

  4. Chemtrails says:

    Please share to spread awareness about the air we breathe every day!

  5. Jet A1 is a fuel and not used in spraying as this is present in fuel and is only exposed to the elements when it’s required to dump due to being too heavy to land

  6. Stop deleting threads, this does what they want

  7. Chemtrails says:

    “sulfate particles reflect radiation and have a small cooling effect. In addition, they can influence the formation and properties of clouds.” according to Wikipedia:

    This documentation in the article clearly shows that the Jet A-1 fuel contains sulfur!

  8. The only way you’re not gonna see the trails is to ban all civil aviation. And that will make a lot of people angry because there is more than a billion people flying every year. How may of you to oppose them?

  9. Badea Cris says:

    what can we do to stop chemtrails? Chemtrails make holocaust, genocid, is like ISIS an AlQaida.

  10. Didnt we go over this with you already?

  11. Al, Ba, Ti and other metals found in the Jet Fuel JA1 by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology:

  12. Peter Dellys says:

    Barium <.30 PPM which is insignificant, thanks for posting.

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