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Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman
John Podesta co-founded the Energy Future Coalition Steering Committee in 2002 and the latest DC Leaks contain a March 2015 meeting where they discuss how to fund geoengineering studies! Most people know that Clinton is a climate change lobbyist’s dream come true, but nobody knew that she’s willing to block out the sun with planes spewing chemicals to save us from global warming! This meeting follows the CIA funded reports of the National Research Council and National Academy of Science where public relations gurus decided to try to re-brand “geoengineering” as “climate intervention.

The story goes like this:

  1. Polls show people hate the idea of controlling the weather, even to stop global warming.
  2. Climate change advocates say people won’t stop polluting, so climate engineering must be studied.
  3. Geoengineering advocates started calling for funding immediately following the COP21 conference, something that was planned in this meeting.
  4. The CIA et al. decided that the public may be more receptive to the term “climate intervention” than “geoengineering” or even “climate engineering” because people see engineering as a bad thing. You cannot recall the environment. This is called framing, spin, propaganda,perception management.
  5. Hillary Clinton’s campaign will seek to lobby Congress for geoengineering funding or take executive action to either fund or deploy geoengineering! She will use Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) to sell her funding legislation.

So the spin is:

  • Before > After
  • Geoengineering > Climate Engineering > Climate Intervention
  • Solar Radiation Management (SRM) > Albedo Modification

This meeting focuses on funding geoengineering in the future and mentions John Holdren and using ARPA-E. Oddly enough, Bill Gates’ FICER geoengineering research fund was not mentioned, nor previous attempts at geoengineering and weather modification funding.

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