David Icke’s “Phantom Self”: A Book Review – Zen Gardner

If you have read David’s recent book or even see him speak for 8-10 hours on tour, you may know about how well he weaves together almost every aspect of the worldwide conspiracy – vaccines, GMOs, political corruption, religion, chemtrails / geoengineering, police state, free trade agreements, globalism, the climate change hoax, pedophilia, subliminal symbolism, secret societies, Satanism, radiation – and shows how all of it is fundamentally connected. Phantom Self is no exception. David does another great job of showing how the same unconscious force of distortion is behind all of it with comprehensive dot-connecting on a massive scale.

Chemtrails / Geoengineering is just a bit of the puzzle in the big web of lies. To be able to wake up and disconnect from this fake reality, you have to get to know your phantom self, be aware of how it is controlling your perception of reality. It is first when you step outside of your phantom self that everything you thought was true is a lie and vice versa.

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