Chemtrail Spraying Jet Nearly Collides With Oncoming Aircraft

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My thanks to activist Raymond Black for adding a very compelling video to our library of aircraft spraying films. The more that activists and citizens dedicate themselves to filming and recording the aerosol crimes in our skies, the faster the public will be awakened to the dire threat of climate engineering. Global is the most critical untold story on the planet, we must all work together in the battle to bring this issue to light.

Dane Wigington

This video shows Chemtrail Spraying and why the debunkers and deniers of and Geoengineering needs to stop what they are doing, and look up! Denying and helping the big cover-up is a crime against humanity and must be stopped.

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  1. Jon Stevens says:

    Do you not understand three dimensional space? Those two aircraft probably never came within five miles — it was only your angle that made it appear close. The fact that one airplane wasn’t producing a contrail is a likely indicator that is was many thousands of feet of altitude away from the other.

  2. Jon Stevens says:

    “Nearly collides with”

    “Approximately the same altitude”

    No understanding of three dimensional space

  3. The spraying of what are popularly called chemtrails is intentionally hidden in plain sight by mimicking jet contrails. The sprays are obvious streaks to begin, then become obscured as the stripes fan out into a haze or blend with actual clouds. With either real or fabricated clouds in the sky it is harder to distinguish the chemical trails and the fake clouds they create.

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